IGFA Labuan 2010

By: SC Pro Team, September 16, 2016 | 0 COMMENTS

The IGFA Labuan International Game Fishing Competition can be considered one of the most prestigious fishing events in the region. Here’s what Horace Tan from SC Pro Team has to share about his most exciting fishing experience to date…

This competition was certainly very memorable. Being relatively new to deep offshore fishing, I found it very interesting to adapt and modify my rigs and setups after some experience sharing from the seniors, i.e. Ricky, Yong.

Apart from the onslaught of Escolar army night after night, there were many hilarious incidents of accidental catches, exciting double YFT hook-ups and even a 2 hour tussle with a 120lbs Whiptail Shark (released, of course). I also managed to land my first ever YFT on the trip. All these while, the team members of SC Pro gamely supported each other.

Preparing for the big catch
“I’m onto something big!”
Landing the catch
“Yes, one down, plenty more to go!”

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