The ATC Blitz popping rods are slightly longer than the average popping rods in the market. The heavier models being more parabolic is forgiving to the angler when the rod is under load, as compared to faster action rods.

The new Fuji® K-Series polished stainless steel SiC guides compliments smooth castings minimizing the possibility of wind knots.

The Blitz range of popping rod is using Alps™ LX anodized aluminum reel seat throughout all models which will fit all popular popping reels in the market. The slots on both sides of the reel seat and the thicker hood actually provide a better grip than standard pipe-type reel seats when wearing gloves.

Fuji® K-Series tangle-free guide system.

  • Revolutionary tangle-free frame design eliminates ‘wind knots’
  • FULL set of K-Series guides maximize the advantages of the Fuji® design
  • SiC guide rings retard abuses from the most abrasive Super Braids

ALPS™ LX anodized marine grade aluminum reel seat.

  • Centra-Lock body and cushioned hoods increases reel foot stability
  • Machine-cut side slots reduce weight and prevent slippage
  • Reduced diameter for improved ergonomics. Studies show that slimmer grip increases effort-to-force efficiency

Engineered length: weight ratio with balancer for optimum casting leverage.

ALPS™ Dulex aluminum gimbal and ATC® custom butt cap for reliable support.

Model Section Length Line Wt. Cast Wt.
BLZ762 Butt Joint 7’6” PE 1-3 20-60 g
BLZ792 Butt Joint 7’9” PE 2-4 40-80 g
BLZ862 Butt Joint 8’6” PE 4-6 60-120 g
BLZ832 Butt Joint 8’3” PE 6-8 80-150 g
BLZ802 Butt Joint 8’0” PE 8-10 100-200 g


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