Valiant SW

cATC(R) VALIANT SW rods are customised on 100% carbon blanks composited with various tensile modulus carbon in different axis. A 4-axis carbon veil is added to the surface to create an extra punch in the rods’ reactivity. The medium action flex is perfect for the recommended jig weight for each rod in vertical jigging, yet suitable to jig weights beyond the recommendation in modern style of slow jigging. Quality Fuji(R) Alconite K-guides and reel seat ensure performance durability. Ergonomically designed high density EVA grips provide comfort in handling.

Model Length Pcs Type PE Max Drag
VJS631CM 6’3” 1 Casting 2-4 10kg
VJS631SM 6’3” 1 Spinning 2-4 10kg
VJS661CL 6’6” 1 Spinning 1-3 7kg
VJS661SL 6’6” 1 Casting 1-3 7kg


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