M.A.C. Limited with ALPS

With popular demand for the Mackeral Aggressor Custom (M.A.C.) light jigging rod, ATC® introduces a limited edition series fitted with new design Alps™ S-6™ stainless steel DY frame guides. Designed and built with the mighty Mackerel in mind, this rod aims to bring a whole new dimension to the light jigging game of subduing the razor-toothed pelagic family. The nimble tip is super flexible in imparting nimble action to a light 40gram jig. Sharp blank taper rate quickly transform from light to heavier action to handle jigs of up to 100gram. Taking on a huge Mackerel on the run, this progressive fast action rod gradually puts pressure on the fish, minimizing line snaps caused by sudden shocks imparted from the fishes’ erratic runs. The M.A.C. is fitted with quality grade components for durability and reliability. Components are designed and positioned to provide great balancing and improve ergonomics. The light-weight blanks are built with high carbon composition, and finished with premium high-gloss copper glitter paintwork for a classical touch. Recommended to be used with #2000 to #4000 reels, loaded with braided lines of up to 30lb test, set at up to 5kg maximum drag.

Model Length Pcs Type Jig Wt. Line
M.A.C 611SP 6’1” 1 Spinning 40-100g PE: 2 max
M.A.C 641SP 6’4” 1 Spinning 40-100g PE: 2 max

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