Vector Rods

The top of the range Vector jigging rod from ATC is light and parabolic but it has
reserved strength for lifting when needed. Parabolic rods are easier to jig
Japanese style, it also helps the angler to shorten the fight put up by any big
Rod lengths can vary depending on the jigging style and reel type employed.
Overhead reels are best partnered with short rods. Spinning reels are best with
longer rods.
The ATC Vector is for the experienced jiggers who are graduating into a
specialist rod.
• Fuji® SiC guides and reel seat
• Aluminum gimbal
• Impact resistant Carbon composite blank
• Lightweight and sensitive

Model Length Pcs Type Jig Wt. Line
014-VCT551S 5’5” 1 Spinning 420 g PE 8
014-VCT581S 5’8” 1 Spinning 320 g PE 6
014-VCT591S 5’9” 1 Spinning 220 g PE 4
014-VCT531C 5’3” 1 Casting 420 g PE 8
014-VCT561C 5’6” 1 Casting 320 g PE 6
014-VCT581C 5’8” 1 Casting 220 g PE 4


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