Vigour SW

The ATC Vigour Series of reels were designed specifically to handle big game fish. Featuring a Power Drag
System equipped with 5 carbon washers, the Vigour has a drag range of 14-20kg. To handle the
high drag pressure, high strength aluminum is used in the construction of the body, rotor and spool. A
large capacity CNC spool ensures adequate line capacity. Other features on the Vigour, include a thick
hollow bail wire and precision cut CNC power handle and knob. The 9+1 stainless steel bearings ensure
overall smoothness on the reel.

• High strength aluminium body
• Computer balanced rotor construction
• Precision machined slider
• Large capacity CNC spool
• Precision cut CNC power handle and knob
• Super thick hollow bail wire
• Power Drag System with 5-pieces carbon washer
• Drag range of 14-20kg
• 9+1 ball bearing system with one way clutch system

Model Gear Ratio Line Capacity  Ball Bearing  Drag Range   Weight
014VGSW8000 4.9:1 MM0.35/330M, MM0.4/250 9+1BB 14-20kg  510 g
014VGSW10000 4.9:1 MM0.35/430M, MM0.4/330 9+1BB 14-20kg  530 g


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