4 Tips To Keep Your Fishing Reel In Tip-Top Condition

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Are you sick and tired of sending in your fishing reel for maintenance after your salt-water fishing trips? Here are 4 simple tips to keep your fishing reel in a tip-top condition. These 4 simple steps will help to prolong the life of your reel and ensures it function to its optimum performance on your next fishing trip.


Have you ever wondered why your fishing reel corrodes easily after every salt-water trip? This is because salt-water contains lots of dissociated ions and so there is a number of electrolysis reactions that tremendously accelerate corrosion in salt-water. Therefore, reels should always be rinsed with fresh water after every salt-water fishing trip. It is highly recommended to lock your drag down to the maximum as salt and dirt might get into the internals of the reel.

Rinsing in fresh water to remove salt and dirt



After rinsing, clean or soak your gears in a cleaning solution to get rid of any old grease on your gears which may contain salt and dirt in it. Next, dry them and apply a light coat of grease to help protect against corrosion, cushion and lubricate metal to metal contact. This ensures that your reel will be as smooth as butter during your next fishing trip. Many anglers have the tendency to believe that applying more grease is better. That may be true for engines but definitely not fishing reels. Grease is a sticky substance, applying too much allows it to hold salt, dirt or even sand which is something we would not want.

Removing old grease from the gears with a cleaning solution

Dry them up, and coat them lightly with grease



After greasing up your gears, the next step is to oil your bearings. Clean your bearings with a cleaning solution to remove any dirt from them. Make sure the bearings are spinning after cleaning, this is to ensure that they’re all well cleaned up. Lastly, add a drop of oil per bearing and they are good to go! Always remember, never use WD-40 as lubricants, because it is a degreaser which breaks down grease and oil.

Soaking the bearings in a cleaning solution to remove any dirt from them

Adding a drop of oil to each bearing



Lastly, cleaning the exterior reel with a mild solvent which will help to remove any left-over dirt, old grease and salt but does not harm any finishes on the reel. It also evaporates, and so it cannot contaminate. Apply with a cotton swab and gently rub them on the exterior of your fishing reel.


So, that’s it for your 4 simple and easy tips to keep your reel in a tip-top condition. If you would like to see more on fishing reel maintenance, check us out on our Facebook page.

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