ATC Rod – Limited 2 Years Warranty

During this period, SureCatch World Pte Ltd will perform replacement of rod upon genuine breakage on normal usage at 50% of the recommended retail price. Purchaser will bear full responsibility for shipping charges incurred to and from our service facility if required. In any case, if rod is damaged during the shipping process, SureCatch World Pte Ltd will not be liable to the cause. Replacement of the product does not extend or restart the Warranty period.

Claim/Repair Procedure

To request warranty claims, please send your rod to any SureCatch World Pte Ltd Authorized Outlets. For any warranty claim, Purchaser will need to submit the warranty card and proof of purchase to proceed. Retailer may expedite the replacement on behalf of the Purchaser of the product in the event of a claim. SureCatch World Pte Ltd reserves the right to void the warranty if the rods have been tempered with or modified.

Claim Submission Checklist

Please ensure that the following items are present when submitting your rod for a warranty claim:

• Valid Warranty Sticker on rod and official warranty card (Within valid warranty period)

• Original Dated Sales Receipt

• Customer Copy of Warranty Card completed and filled with owner/product/purchase information

• Completed and filled ATC Copy of Warranty Card to be submitted within 14 days of purchase

• Complete set of the Rod (with rod bag) for the claim. SureCatch World Pte Ltd reserves the right to reject or void the warranty should any of the above items/requirements not be met. Please note that any tempering or false declarations made in the card will deem the warranty void with immediate effect.Warranty Terms and Conditions

• This warranty will be considered VOID if the rod has been subjected to unauthorized alterations, abuse or damage by your failure to provide necessary care and reasonable maintenance.

• Only rods bearing the original warranty sticker are qualified for the Warranty program.

• In the event that the rod to be replaced has been discontinued, SureCatch World Pte Ltd reserves the right to replace the discontinued rod with a newer model which has the closest or equivalent specifications/cost to the customer.

• Further and in addition, the whole of this warranty shall not in any way whatsoever and howsoever apply to products other than ATC rods.

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