ATC at Bintulu International Deep-Sea Fishing Tournament 2012

By: vinova, June 28, 2012 | 0 COMMENTS

ATC gears proved their sea worthiness during the recent deep sea fishing tournament at Bintulu. A team of international distributors together with Siow Chiang group tested out the ATC gears.  ATC gears employed there were newer jigging rod models like Vector, Vanguard and heavier rods like ATC X-treme Classic and Pelagicus. Just in time, the new ATC Astromac Spinning Reels and Hydromac Lever Drag Overhead Jigging Reels performed beautifully and stood up well against Denizens of the Deep. ATC Chaser Jigs coupled with ultra sharp Mustad Jig hooks were deadly in triggering savage strikes from predators. Below are some photos to share during the trip.

Issac hooks on to a fish that manages to put a very welcome bend while jigging on ATC Vanguard rod, Astromac reel and Chaser jig.

Triumphant, Issac puts a leash on the Doggie.

Metin giving Thumbs up for ATC.

Fish On! ATC Vanguard and Astromac

Sandro lands a fiesty Giant Trevally.

Sandro giving a good set on ATC Vanguard and Astromac


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